Dogpatch Studios Wedding
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Dogpatch Studios Wedding

Looking for something a little darker, more industrial, for your wedding ceremony? Then consider a Dogpatch Studios wedding. Dogpatch Studios is San Francisco’s premier event space that is now available for fashionably chic weddings that will have your entire guest-list talking for years to come! The use of light will shock you, with huge windows and skylights that create the perfect ambience for your special day. Wait until you see the meticulous care your table settings will receive. It will be an event like you’ve never had before. Just be sure to capture all of the wonderful memories you are going to make that evening with a trained and experienced photographer. Having a good photographer can make your Dogpatch Studios wedding even more superb than you ever thought imaginable, because you’ll be able to relive the entire experience your whole life! And this is a day not worth forgetting. With a setting as special as Dogpatch Studios, you can’t rely on a friend to take pictures. You’ll need someone who knows how to make the most of angles and lighting, because this establishment is truly unique!

Location: Dogpatch Studios San Francisco.