Christmas Cards Time!

Jeremy was looking for a gift to give his grandmother and his mom. He decided, what better gift than an image of his handsome self? hahaha. I had a hard time with this one because he wanted something that would be suitable for his mom yet true to his style. We went to Old Sac today where is was cold and foggy. Here’s some of my favorites:

I went to Stockton on Saturday to have a short session with my H.S friend Kim and her brother. The photo is going to be a Christmas gift for their mom. The cat was not very cooperative.

Last week Lorraine found me on Davis Wiki and contacted me about getting photos done of her and her sister for their mom. We went to the Arburedum at 8am when it was getting ready to rain!!! It was a fun session dispite my bad lighting situation. I had to do a lot of post processing and retouching to help out with the gloomy day.

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