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Kara’s grandfather dropped by while she was getting ready. Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0002Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0003


This was my first time documenting a Mormon wedding.  I was not allowed into the temple, but I’m glad I was able to capture the couples excitement after their ceremony! Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0004Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0005Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0006Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0010

I love this private moment between the bride and the groom. They were preparing for the reception at their parent’s home and had some time to relax before making their grand entrance.

Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0011Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0012Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0013Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0014

Kara’s parents surprised her with a special gift. Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0015Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0016Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0017

This photo of the father daughter dance makes me so happy.Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0018

Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0019Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0020Sonoma Wedding Photographer_0021


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