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My name is Ari Simphoukham (Sim-pu-come). I'm a visual storyteller and wedding photographer currently living in Roseville, CA. My goal as a wedding photographer is to produce images that illustrate the love between not only the bride and the groom but also between the couple and the people that mean the world to them. In my opinion, if you are not left smiling while scrolling through your wedding pictures from beginning to end and finding captured moments that you didn't even know happened during your wedding, I did not thoroughly do my job. I thrive on creativity, open-mindedness, positivity, and enthusiasm. Here are few random facts about myself that will hopefully give you a feel for who I am and what I'm about.

Important People In My Life:

This was the day I asked my high school sweetheart to marry me in Hawaii last year. I feel incredibly lucky to have Kat in my life. She's been my biggest supporter since day one and continues to be by my side to push and motivate me everyday. We plan to get married in 2014.


I have a shih tzu named Azor whom we both adore. In case you're wondering what his name means, Azor is a blood pressure medication. Yes, we named him after a drug! I love my dog!

Things I Love:

Here are a few things that I enjoy.